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How networking can bolster diversity in physics

AstronomyHow networking can bolster diversity in physics

By Claire Malone for Physics World

Image credit: Shutterstock/melitas

Physicists who want to solve the world’s great challenges don’t just need deep technical expertise, but also excellent networking skills. … getting the most out of networking is all a question of practice – and providing those opportunities is key to increasing diversity in physics.

Whether it’s providing clean water around the world or designing space craft to monitor the impact of climate change, today’s young people are keen to find solutions to the many challenges society is facing. That effort needs many different approaches, but studying physics undoubtedly increases the arsenal of tools a young person can use towards these aims.

However, what is often not taught in the physics classroom is that soft skills – such as networking and communicating your work – can be just as important for your career as getting your head around nuclear fusion or quantum mechanics. Not only that, but practising these skills is helpful for giving young people confidence in all areas of life – and in turn, promotes diversity in physics.

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